Day 1 Teaching C++

Today is the Day 1 Week 1 for semester 3 2011 for C++ course.  After I explained the course delivery to the students. The first activity that I introduce to them is to form a team then choose a leader. I let them decide to choose their group name and team leader. I noticed that they are excited about their team and participated well in the class. Young students are really particular with having fun in the class. What I would like to point out is that, making the class fun from the beginning, and recognizing their talents and abilities, it would make them feel motivated to learn and have fun at the same time.

Today, the faculty staff had a seminar about how to deal with the youth today… the speaker mentioned about how to motivate the students on their first day in the class, he said it’s very important that as a teacher, first and foremost, we should recognize that existence of the student in the class and explain the WII FM (What’s in it for me?).

Example statement to our students:

Teacher: “Okay class I believe that you’re all good and bright students. I believe that you have already came to this point and been successful before. I’m here as your teacher to help you to be more successful and become a better person.”

By saying this to your students, it would make them feel that they are important and can boost their self-esteem. What’s really important on the first day is to build trust and respect between you and the students. As a teacher, we have to make sure, that the students would feel that they are understood also. The speaker talked about the role as a coach and facilitator to the learner. Coach means, we are here to help the learner to have the right skills. As a facilitator, we are here to guide our students how to be successful in their studies and not to fail.

In conclusion, I can say that as a teacher we have the role as a coach, facilitator, instructor, guidance councilor and advisor. Motivating the students and building trust and respect with our students is really important to take note in our teaching duty.


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