Thank you teacher, see you tomorrow…

C++ class day 2, today I taught my students some computer programming vocabularies like what is a program, syntax, semantics, debugging, and compiler. Students were delighted to know additional vocabularies.

Their group activity is to discuss their observation of the output they just typed and executed and answer the questions listed in exercise 4 in their laboratory manual.  What I did today is that, I told them that after 10 minutes I will collect their answers in the exercise questions and then I’ll give them points. Whoever accumulates the highest points will be the best team for the day. I noticed that everyone really participated and so eager to find the right answers. All of them participated in the activity and enjoyed. After 10 minutes, I collected their answers and finalized their scores.  The best team won for the day was happy of course.

After their group activity, I instructed them to continue to exercise 5 which is they will get full mark  if they would be able to solve the problem and run the program with no errors. After 10 minutes, most of them finished the program and were satisfied to get full marks.

After I dismissed the class, I can see their smiling and happy faces and said to me “Thank you teacher, see you tomorrow…”

It made my day so terrific!!!

I realized that you wouldn’t see bad or silly students if they feel that learning is fun. You wouldn’t see failed students if they are given the chance to learn with each other which is called peer teaching. For me, the  bottom line is… for us teachers, we are here to make our students happy and satisfied in their learning.


2 thoughts on “Thank you teacher, see you tomorrow…

  1. yeah, that’s right riah…

    learning is commonly defined as a process that brings together cognitive, emotional, and environmental influences and experiences for acquiring, enhancing, or making changes in one’s knowledge, skills, values, and world views. (Illeris, 2000; Ormorod, 1995).

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