ACT Portal and E-learning

Hi everyone!!! I’ve been visiting different websites talking about Web 2.0 tools, teaching and learning 2.0 and other technologies in teaching. These technologies are talking about tools to use in teaching like blogging, wikispaces, social network sites and the like.

Here in ACT (, we have our own college portal and e-learning tool using moodle. Most of the teachers used the college portal but only to post  announcements and lecture materials for downloading. For e-learning, still it’s in the testing stage, not really using the full potentials of it.

ACT portal can also be used for blogging and social network function. There’s forum and blogging section in the portal, where students can post questions to their teachers and teachers to their students. For the blog, where teachers can post extra course notes and allow the students to post their comments.  In this way, there would be more interaction between teachers and students. And who should initiate and promote this type of technology in the college? of course, teachers.

Yesterday, I posted a topic in the forum asking students to post their feedback of their C++ class. As of now, only one responded. Well, even me, I failed to remind my students today to access the college portal and reply on the forum topic. Anyway, on Saturday, first thing I’ll do in my class, instruct them to access the college portal.  Today, my students were very busy doing their programming activities, they finished 3 programming exercises. They learned today about data types and variable declaration and initialization.

All I can say, ACT teachers including me should utilize other potentials of our college portal and eventually integrate more technology in teaching.


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