Independent Learner

“My students, this is your class, you are in control, you are the learner and at the same time a teacher of yourselves…”

This was the statement I expressed this morning to my students. I encouraged them to work independently and do peer teaching with their group mates. This way, it’s easier to manage 30 students in the class. There’s more learning if the learners are more involve in the learning process. Giving them the opportunity to make choices and be in control of their activity, they would feel that sense of ownership of their class.

I can say it’s effective, they learn to solve their own problem without the help of their teacher. I was just there to facilitate their activity today but not thorough teaching. If no one in the class can solve the problem, I’m there to give them hints how to solve but not giving the direct answers.

The laboratory manual was really a good help for them to practice their programming skills. Using a good  course instructional material is really important factor in teaching. A material that would be easy to follow and understand. For teachers, a very important consideration to take is to provide clear and easy to follow Instructional material to the students. In this way, it gives the students an opportunity to work and learn independently.


2 thoughts on “Independent Learner

  1. You done a great job esp. by having a student-centered activity in class where students become involve and responsible with their own learning.

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