Motivational Presentation

June 7, 2011, Midterm Exam day of my students. This is the time that they will be assessed  according to their individual programming ability. After the exam, some of them commented that the exam is difficult and the programming questions are confusing. Some of them were telling me, it was difficult because they did not study. I marked the paper and got the result, yeah, it’s true, most of them were not able to answer the practical programming test. I was kind of dissappointed, because it’s true they did not study for their exam.

The next day, I showed a motivational presentation. The following topics I included in my presentation:

1. Imagine this is your C++ football team.

2. Ask yourself, are you the key player or just a player?

3. What is a key player? A key player has the right skill and the right attitude.

4. Having a right skill means, you know very well how to play the game or you know very well how to do C++ programming.

5. Right attitude means, you work hard, you’re humble enough to accept mistakes and learn from them, and always practice because you believe that practice makes perfect.

6. Who is your Coach for this team? of course your teacher. The role of the teacher is to guide you, to motivate you and help you to learn the lessons.

7. Question, are you really playing this game? do you really want to win?

8. Congratulations to the top five students.  The key players of this team.

My students agreed to the things that I pointed out to them. They realized that they need to work hard and study more to learn C++ programming.  All of them likes to play soccer or football game. They said they want to be the key player and a winner. We’ll see on the next test.

I’m handling 56 Omani Male students in Engineering department. I really hope that they will be motivated to study hard for their next test.


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