What is your Teaching Philosophy?

Advice for Getting Started

 “Just because you have never written a statement of your teaching philosophy does not
mean you do not have a philosophy. If you engage a group of learners who are
your responsibility, then your behavior in designing their learning environment
must follow from your philosophical orientation…. What you need
do is discover what [your philosophy] is and then make it explicit. (Coppola, 2000, p. 1)”

 Some general guidelines for writing the teaching philosophy

(adapted from Chism, 1998):

 • Keep it brief (1–2 pages).

• Use a narrative, first person approach.

• Make it reflective and personal.

• Discuss your goals for your students, the methods you
use to achieve those goals, and the assessments you use to find out if students
have met your expectations.

• Explain your specific disciplinary context and use
specific examples of your practice.

• Showcase your strengths and accomplishments


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