Brain Compatible Lesson Plan

The Brain

Eric Jensen, an expert on brainbased learning, said: “We are on the verge of a revolution: the application of important new brain research to teaching and learning…. History will likely record that it began in the final two decades of the 20th century.” (Teaching with the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen, 1998)

The brain is where the learning process happens. As a teacher, it is necessary that when we design our lesson plan, it should be brain compatible. I read an article about brain compatible teaching and learning equation. The equation consists of three main components: standard, meaning, and pattern. Considering all these three components in your lesson plan it results greater learning.

STANDARD form the foundation of what the student should know. This includes the course objectives and outcomes. However, according to some brain research that the students won’t learn unless the lesson is MEANingful to them. And helping the students to make and see the PATTERNS of this new and meaningful experience facilitates higher level of thinking and therefore results to greater learning.

From the article, The Brain Compatible Teaching and Learning Equation by Rod Haenke. The author discussed the Lesson plan format.

The following elements make up the format:

• Standard/Objective: Like most lesson plan templates, start with the student learning objective.

• Meaning Maker: Specify how you are going to make the learning meaningful to your students.

• Facilitating Patterns: Describe how you will use graphic organizers in your lesson to hard wire the learning.

 The job of the teacher is to help the students to learn. Incorporating this format in preparing our lesson plan or course delivery plan, we can achieve quality and successful teaching and learning.


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