Learn Something Fun, Improve Your Teaching

“Teachers are learners in any case, as they pursue additional knowledge in their fields of specialization. But when I opened myself to instruction in golf, I became more alert to the teaching-learning ratio and refreshed my attention to my own teaching. All teachers can transfer reflections like these to their own teaching. More self-aware, innovative teaching is likely to result.”

by Carl Pletsch, University of Colorado Denver

Source: http://www.ntlf.com/html/ti/v20n4comp.pdf


The article reminded me to plan my summer 2011 by attending any training or workshops. Then from this training or workshop, I’ll make an observation how I learned and how the teacher or instructor did his/her teaching, and then make adjustments in my teaching style, this will be part of my preparation for this coming academic year 2011-2012. As of today, I don’t have any idea what course I’ll be handling, I preferred to handle C++ again or a new course to handle which is Advance IT skills which covers the lessons like E-learning, Microsoft Frontpage, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher, SPSS and About Peripheral devices.

Summer semester 2011 just ended, the marks result was posted yesterday July 10, 2011. In my C++ class, from 56 students, only 2 students failed. Two students choosed to fail the course because they did not answer completely the 40 marks practical test. I’m quite dissappointed because failure should not be part in the learning process, it’s my duty to coach and motivate my students to be successful. But there’s nothing I can do, if the learner itself reject my coaching and motivation.

Teaching and Learning is a continous process. As a teacher, it is our duty to always learn new topics, teaching styles or methods to improve our teaching.


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