Oman Information Technology Society

Oman Information Technology Society was launched last year April 23, 2010. I’m glad to know that  finally there’s an Information Technology Society here in the Sultanate of Oman. I’ve been wishing  to become a member for this kind of organization since I began my teaching career here in Oman.

The following information I got from the website:

“The OITS is a non-profit organisation working to promote the growth of the Omani IT industry by serving a common platform among IT professionals, experts and enthusiasts across different sectors of Oman, formed in the year 2010. OITS is a common forum for the IT community of Oman to interact, exchange knowledge and share their experiences about harnessing IT. OITS will be working very closely with government agencies, private sector, academia and other associations within the country to ensure that the benefits of IT advancements spread to every resident of the Sultanate of Oman.”

Teachers and students can apply for the membership. This would be a good opportunity for all teachers and students in IT here in Oman to network and share their expertise and knowledge. Also for the students, being part of this kind of organization, it will help them to keep abreast the latest IT trends in Oman and to network IT professionals.

Now I’m looking forward for their upcoming activities  this year. I would surely participate and also I’m willing to invite my co-teachers and my students to join.


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