So far… So good…

Week 2 of Academic Semester I 2011… I asked my students how are they doing with their courses with me, and they replied “So far… So good teacher!!!” I’m handling Web Design and Development, Advance IT skills and System analysis and design. This time, I implemented blended learning approach to my students. In my observation, they are more interactive and they like the idea that it’s easy to access the information and communicating with me and other students.

Blended learning approach is a combination of face- to- face and technology mediated instruction. Finally, I was able to manage to use our college LMS which is Moodle. One of the chapters of Advance IT Skills is E-learning, and students were all interested and eager to use the system especially participating with the forum discussion and chatting with each other and submitting their work online.

From this link:

It was mentioned: ” Research suggests three primary reasons for adopting a blended approach to instruction: (1) improved learning effectiveness, (2) increased access and convenience, and (3) greater cost effectiveness (Graham, 2006).”

I truly agree with the 1 and 2 reasons. I can say, it may improve the learning effectiveness because you can see the interests and no boredom from the learners which I’m glad to see. I would still continue to observe them and how the learners are behaving in the class with blended learning approach. Well of course additional factor for their interest in the class is the energy of the teacher should be there….relax and happy environment should also be there. For the reason 2, I can say, that’s really the main advantage of E-learning enviroment the easy access of information in and out of the classroom, and easy communication with the teacher and other learners.

I’m optimistic that this semester, my implementation of blended learning enviroment will be a success.




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