Conversation With Students

I got an email today from my HOD(head of the department), which is I find it very motivating on my part. As a teacher, being acknowledged by the learners and the administrators the improvement that we have done in our department is really overwhelming.

This semester, I’ve used videos in the class as my tool to explain further ideas. Or I used it before explaining the topics. Another tool I used is Moodle, so I used blended approach. Especially in my System Analysis and Design class, in Moodle, we have forum discussion about the case study or my students upload their activities and I give prompt feedback and they like it, I notice that they are doing pretty well, they are improving in terms of giving their answers. I emphasized to them that one of the main characteristics of a good system analyst is good in communication skills, oral and written. I can say, they are improving compared to how they were in day one of the semester.

Anyways, just read the email below, what I’ve received today. Actually, it’s a message from our Assistant dean of academic affairs, and it was just forwarded to us by our HOD.
Subject: conversation with students


Today Elena and I went around the campus and we talked to group of students from different departments and we were pleased to hear that students are observing changes in the teaching and examination styles. Business students stated that now days staff use more videos to illustrate the ideas and IT students observe improvement in the examination style (exam questions are not directly from the notes). Please keep up the good work.

Kind regards



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