Keller’s ARCS Model of Motivation

How to motivate students? good question… a good answer for that would be applying Keller’s ARCS model of Motivation.

Keller suggested that the ARCS conditions occur as a sequential process:

  • Gain the student’s attention first
  • Then help the student see the relevance of the instruction to his/her life
  • Assist the student’s confidence in their own abilities to experience success at challenging tasks. Finally, support the student’s sense of satisfaction with applying or use the new knowledge or skill in meaningful ways.

A- Attention (Course content can activate the student’s interest)

R – Relevance (Course content will emphasize relevance to the students, the course is meaningful to the students)

C – Confidence (Providing guidance, mentoring and support to build student’s confidence)

S – Satisfaction (When students are confident, satisfaction would follow. Helping students to have that feeling of sense of achievement)


Keller’s Website:


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