Semester 2 2011-2012 just ended and I can say it was one of the great semesters I ever had because for the first time in my formal logic class, the presentation PowerPoint slides, creativity and research skills of my students were very impressive. I guess, maybe my motivation and encouragement that I gave to them was effective. Or maybe I just have good students this semester. I think it’s the combination of both.

Most of my students brought their laptops for their presentation, then it gave me an idea, for next semester why not utilize these laptops in the classroom, there will be once a week schedule for having laptops in the classroom. I’ll prepare an interesting activities that would need to use their laptops, so that the class would be more engaging and somehow just the idea of flipping the classroom from traditional classroom setting.

Then today luckily, I happened to click one of the link in one of my posts last year:

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

Then I saw the link for the paper of Laptops in the classrooms: research and best practices, and here’s the link:

Laptops in the classroom paper

I encourage all teachers to try to look on this and may consider this  in their teaching strategies.

I just hope that my flipping the classroom plan for next semester would be a success…


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