Learning would take place…

“Learning would take place if there were no teachers, just as healing and growing

would go on if there were no physicians or farmers”     

– by Mortimer J. Adler, in “Reforming Education”

Got this quote from this link: Learning Methods

When one of my readers suggested that I should also add learning methodologies, then it made me think… yeah why not… so I did Google it and I found the website about Learning Methods.

This is what they say: “The goal of LearningMethods is to pass the tools along to you so you no longer need a teacher…

Actually that’s the challenge for all teachers is to teach their students how to learn, how to be independent learner. Well, in my opinion, the best learning methodologies is to be an active learner, participate in the learning process and knows how to learn from the mistakes. In addition, the student should have a good study habits, that’s why teachers always expect students to study before attending the class.

As the saying goes…”It takes two to tango”…Learning won’t exist if one of the components failed.

I’m glad that this semester, in my Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) course, students were actively participated in the Student-Centered Activity, which is to teach in the class about certain topics in OOAD, and yeah, they made  great presentations and explained the topics clearly. And I guess my way of teaching influence them how to be a teacher in the class, because I can see some of their styles are my styles, and I’m glad that they learn how to make a good PowerPoint presentations that it should not be more textual and also not to read the slides.

More Power to my students!!! All the best!!!


2 thoughts on “Learning would take place…

  1. Yes, i agree with you.. if we can do a thing for them..such as giving them a chance to be like a teacher and let them do the teaching process. and we can be just like a facilitator and witness student’s strength to conduct classroom activities on their own.

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