Are We Wired To Mobile Learning?

Via: Voxy Blog


I have two digital natives children, they love to use computers to play games or tutorial software. Just so amazing that  my 2 1/2 year old daughter can operate the computer easily. She knows how to start and shutdown the computer. She knows which icons or applications she wants to use. Most of the time, if she’s bored with games, she just open the Paint application and just start clicking and draw something.  My eldest child,  he learned how to read using Reader Rabbit software. At the age of 5, he can read simple sentences. Simply amazing 🙂

As a teacher , I have to keep up the expectations of my generation Y students… my digital natives students, using technology in teaching motivates my students to learn. So I have to make sure that I’m aware of the latest technologies to be used in teaching. That’s really the 21st century teaching and learning.

*  For Parents… What learning  support do you give for your digital natives children?

* For Teachers… What technology or electronic tools do you use to keep up the expectations of your digital natives learners?


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