Sharing my experience…

Today, I decided to add a new category in my blog, the category about my college teaching experience here in the Sultanate of Oman.

Well, what motivated me to begin with this teaching and learning blog is actually because of my challenging teaching experiences. For me it’s quite challenging when teaching computer science courses and fully in English to the students who are mostly weak in understanding English.

My first funny experience, I have to give an example in my System Analysis and Design course, I used the term Withdrawal and Deposit Transaction in the Bank. Yeah I was totally surprised, they didn’t understand the term Withdrawal and Deposit Transactions. I can’t translate it to Arabic, so I just demonstrated it like talking to kids. So I said – ” putting money in the basket is Deposit and then if you get money from the basket is Withdrawal”.

Alright…I have to go to my class now…’till next time


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