Marking time


Tips before marking papers:
1. Emotionally ready
2. Not hungry
3. Good mood
4. Choose a peaceful place
There you go…I just listed the things I always do before marking exam papers. It can really be stressful especially when you’ll get negative results. Questions??? Would appear in my head, ARE THEY LEARNING???

Assessment is very important for both the teachers and learners. Teacher would be able to know the progress of the learners. I think for students are all about marks. Here students are so particular with their marks, they will complain a lot when marks are not in good numbers and most of them they have difficulty of accepting their mistakes.

So I always make sure that every thing is clear what’s acceptable and not acceptable so that there will be less argument.


2 thoughts on “Marking time

  1. i guess this will take most of your time so prepare something to munch or any drinks to help you ease when their answers seem irrational.

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