First Day of Class


Image source:  ACT Photo Gallery IT Dept Lab

On January 19, 2013 Saturday will be the official date of the first day of class for Semester 2 Academic Year 2012-2013. I’ll be handling again a Java Programming course. I’m hoping that I’ll have more active students and would always willing to participate in the class.  Most of the students don’t like programming course, they find it difficult and they feel demotivated to study. I already revised the course notes, I made it easy to understand for the learners. I’m expecting that my students would  show interests in studying Java Programming.

On first and second day of the class, usually only few students will attend the class. Supposedly they should attend on the first day and  this is the most interesting meeting of the semester because this is the time that I’ll discuss the syllabus in detailed, getting to know my students, we’ll plan how to make our class to be the best class in the semester and do other fun activities. Unfortunately, not all of them will experience the fun activities on the first day.

Before I’ll end my post, I would like to share this article First Day of Class Activities that Create a climate for learning.

Thank you and Have a good day always!


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