Teaching and Learning

A Great Teacher is…

source: office.microsoft.com
source: office.microsoft.com

Someone who is caring to his/her students…

It’s not really my dream or ambition to be a teacher someday, but when I was a kid, I always play the role of a teacher when we do role playing games or make believe games. And out of nowhere, after college I decided just to go ahead and apply for a teaching job. I never forget during the interview, the school director asked me, “What is teaching for me is it a profession or a job? “, I can’t remember how I answered the question but what I remember is that in my mind  – “I just need a job and make money”.

This year is my 15th year of teaching and I can say I love teaching… considered teaching as a profession and not just a job.

I found this article and would like to share this link:  Nine Characteristics of a Great Teacher

Thanks for reading and have a good day always!

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