Keep yourself sane

I’d like to thank my best friend, Riah and I’m proud to feature her email here in my blog.

Hope everyone will learn from these suggestions, because I implemented all of them and found it very effective and I know these suggestions may not be new to you but it will be a good reminder.

The following are her words:

But somehow you can divert those stress and negative emotions and  keep yourself sane and have the oozing positive outlook in life. I suggest you to do the following:
1. Meditate at least an hour a day.
2. Try to have an organizer to put on your plans and dream and keep reading them every night.
3. Pamper yourself like going to a Spa or Saloon at least once a month.
4. Take a warm shower before you go to sleep to wash out the negative energy on your body.
5. Nurture a passion that you really like most may it be gardening, crocheting, or baking.
6. Make a delicious food at home.. or experiment a dish and share it your family. 
7. Drink 3 liters of water a day to rejuvenate yourself and get that fresh feeling each day.
8. Drink at least 3 cups of green tea while working
9. Read a book that is interesting and worthy.
10. Talk and read books to your daughter and create stories that will instill values to her.. (this is what i did to my daughter to let her understand the good values). 
11. Have a bonding moment with your daughter if not everyday but at least spare a quality time with her.
12. Talk to your husband about life plans and aspirations and share to him what makes you really happy.
13. Just share a casual talk with your mom-in-law. you can talk about things that interest you both.
14. Call your mom and dad in Phils and check for your son.
15. Talk to your son and let him feel that he is also loved by you. 
16. Find someone to talk to each day..even a stranger an officemates or neighbors.. just talk on common things.
17. Establish a circle of friends in your workplace. it is good to have other people whom you can have a really good conversation.
18. Pray to Allah to give you the wisdom, patience, and strength to keep you going.
19. Plan for a holiday vacation or staycation to give yourself and your family a much needed break
20. Always send and share to us your sentiments and feelings because we will never get bored of listening to your stories coz we love you a thousand folds.
21.  Always give yourself an inspiration and never forget to love yourself.

My friend Riah is a blogger too, please checkout her blog:

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time.

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