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Journal of my College Teaching Experiences in Oman

First Day of Class


Image source:  ACT Photo Gallery IT Dept Lab

On January 19, 2013 Saturday will be the official date of the first day of class for Semester 2 Academic Year 2012-2013. I’ll be handling again a Java Programming course. I’m hoping that I’ll have more active students and would always willing to participate in the class.  Most of the students don’t like programming course, they find it difficult and they feel demotivated to study. I already revised the course notes, I made it easy to understand for the learners. I’m expecting that my students would  show interests in studying Java Programming.

On first and second day of the class, usually only few students will attend the class. Supposedly they should attend on the first day and  this is the most interesting meeting of the semester because this is the time that I’ll discuss the syllabus in detailed, getting to know my students, we’ll plan how to make our class to be the best class in the semester and do other fun activities. Unfortunately, not all of them will experience the fun activities on the first day.

Before I’ll end my post, I would like to share this article First Day of Class Activities that Create a climate for learning.

Thank you and Have a good day always!


My Message to my students…

Semester 1  2012 is going to end soon…3 more weeks to go…it will be the start of final exam week.

Please Click the link below and read the poem:

“Don’t Quit”

Good Luck to all my students. May our Almighty Allah will Guide and protect you all always.

Oman vs Japan, Marks vs Match


“teacher! we have quiz tomorrow? there’s match oman vs japan.”

Most of the students will not attend my class tomorrow because for them it’s more important to watch the match than getting marks.

That’s always the case here, if there’s football match, expect that the next thing to happen, the students will declare holiday.

Here’s my reply to the question:
“I’m not sure, so what’s more important for you marks or match?”

Then he replied, “MATCH!”

Well… that’s the student life here…

Marking time


Tips before marking papers:
1. Emotionally ready
2. Not hungry
3. Good mood
4. Choose a peaceful place
There you go…I just listed the things I always do before marking exam papers. It can really be stressful especially when you’ll get negative results. Questions??? Would appear in my head, ARE THEY LEARNING???

Assessment is very important for both the teachers and learners. Teacher would be able to know the progress of the learners. I think for students are all about marks. Here students are so particular with their marks, they will complain a lot when marks are not in good numbers and most of them they have difficulty of accepting their mistakes.

So I always make sure that every thing is clear what’s acceptable and not acceptable so that there will be less argument.

Message or Massage?

“Teacher my answer is correct why you marked it wrong?”,  then I checked her answer and it’s wrong, so I responded, “Well, it can’t be correct because the correct answer is Message not Massage”, then she said, “Teacher only one letter is different, you should not mark it wrong…”

Well, I explained to my student that even though one word is wrong but the meaning is different and I did not teach my student about “massage” in my course Introduction to Operating System.  I did not consider her answer and she felt really bad because of her carelessness.

What I learned from the incident is that during my lecture class I have to make it clear to my students about spelling and the meaning of the words and what are accepted or not. Especially words that may mean different if there are slight difference on the spelling.

It’s not just about teaching Computer Science courses or programming languages, but also I have to teach and explain about English language and vocabularies.

So I’m a Computer Science teacher and English teacher at the same time.

Sharing my experience…

Today, I decided to add a new category in my blog, the category about my college teaching experience here in the Sultanate of Oman.

Well, what motivated me to begin with this teaching and learning blog is actually because of my challenging teaching experiences. For me it’s quite challenging when teaching computer science courses and fully in English to the students who are mostly weak in understanding English.

My first funny experience, I have to give an example in my System Analysis and Design course, I used the term Withdrawal and Deposit Transaction in the Bank. Yeah I was totally surprised, they didn’t understand the term Withdrawal and Deposit Transactions. I can’t translate it to Arabic, so I just demonstrated it like talking to kids. So I said – ” putting money in the basket is Deposit and then if you get money from the basket is Withdrawal”.

Alright…I have to go to my class now…’till next time