A Great Teacher is…

source: office.microsoft.com

source: office.microsoft.com

Someone who is caring to his/her students…

It’s not really my dream or ambition to be a teacher someday, but when I was a kid, I always play the role of a teacher when we do role playing games or make believe games. And out of nowhere, after college I decided just to go ahead and apply for a teaching job. I never forget during the interview, the school director asked me, “What is teaching for me is it a profession or a job? “, I can’t remember how I answered the question but what I remember is that in my mind  – “I just need a job and make money”.

This year is my 15th year of teaching and I can say I love teaching… considered teaching as a profession and not just a job.

I found this article and would like to share this link:  Nine Characteristics of a Great Teacher

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Learning Analytics 101

I think this can be a good tool for all teachers. This is what I need to assist me in analyzing and assessing my student’s progress. And of course this can be a very helpful tool for students as well, to see their performance records promptly and be able to reflect on their learning.

This is a very nice infographics for better understanding on how Learning Analytics system works.

An Infographic by Open Colleges


Ethical hacking, cyber-bullying, ‘sharing and caring’ and piracy: just some of the ethical issues in College computer science courses

This is a re-blogged from another WORDPRESS page. I think Computer Science students or IT students should understand about Ethical Hacking and other Cyber Ethics information.

To read more… here’s the link:

Ethical hacking, cyber-bullying, ‘sharing and caring’ and piracy: just some of the ethical issues in College computer science courses.

Are We Wired To Mobile Learning?

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I have two digital natives children, they love to use computers to play games or tutorial software. Just so amazing that  my 2 1/2 year old daughter can operate the computer easily. She knows how to start and shutdown the computer. She knows which icons or applications she wants to use. Most of the time, if she’s bored with games, she just open the Paint application and just start clicking and draw something.  My eldest child,  he learned how to read using Reader Rabbit software. At the age of 5, he can read simple sentences. Simply amazing 🙂

As a teacher , I have to keep up the expectations of my generation Y students… my digital natives students, using technology in teaching motivates my students to learn. So I have to make sure that I’m aware of the latest technologies to be used in teaching. That’s really the 21st century teaching and learning.

*  For Parents… What learning  support do you give for your digital natives children?

* For Teachers… What technology or electronic tools do you use to keep up the expectations of your digital natives learners?

Teaching and eXtreme Programming

Teaching is a process of helping the learner/student to learn and to develop certain skills. In teaching, teachers uses different methodologies to achieve learning outcomes.

eXtreme Programming is a software development methodology which is intended to improve software quality and responsiveness to changing customers requirements.


Higher education institutions consider employers as their customers. The role of the teachers are like programmers, that they need to develop students to be skillful and be ready in the job market. Students are the software products that are expected to function really well for the customers to be satisfied.

Adopting eXtreme Programming methodology in teaching might be a good idea.

For more information on eXtreme Programming, visit this website: Extreme Programming